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Director of Counseling

The need for sound, Biblical therapy has always been apparent. Dr. M. Hildon Guy When Christ talked with people He attempted to bring them to a conclusion that had always been there, but had been obscured by unresolved mental and emotional issues. Christ never tried to rationalize or transfer accountability away from those to whom He ministered. He was constantly trying to get people to take responsibility for their actions and thus be truly free. The results, even for Christ, were mixed. He always has impact, but the variables of human inclination and choices are always unpredictable. This means that Biblical counseling must, in many ways, be educational in nature. It must present clarity about choices to those to whom it attempts to minister.

The Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling (AECC) is designed to support the Christian counselor in his or her professional development as a certified therapist. Surveys show that the vast majority of Christians want their ministers or their churches to have some understanding and training in the counseling process. AECC is an organization that establishes accountability and a code of ethics that affirms to those seeking Godly counseling, that their counselor is educated, trained and dedicated to the Godly standard.

Healing, strictly translated, is therapy. That healing can come immediately, but as much or more of the time, it will involve a process. That process, if followed Biblically, will provide the type of clarity and understanding that can set people free to be who God wants them to be: empowered in liberty, substantiated in wisdom and in touch with the true Healer.
M. Hildon Guy, Ph.D., Ed.D., Co.D., Ph.D.

“Passion and external stimulus do battle in the mind. When our passions work together
with what we know, everything else finds its most appropriate place.” (Dr. M. Hildon Guy)

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Dr. Guy currently serves in the following capacities:

President, University of Christian Studies & Seminary
Director, Better Education Membership of America
Alaska Consultant, Accelerated Christian Education
Director, The Agency for Excellence in Christian Counseling
Pastor, Until That Day Church
Superintendent, World Harvest and Home Harvest Christian Schools (K-12)

Additionally, Dr. Guy is the voice for several radio and television accounts in Alaska. He has worked for over 40 radio stations in Texas, Kansas and Alaska, primarily as News Director. Dr. Guy has served as an in-the-field reporter for the Associated Press, ABC Radio, the Mutual Broadcasting System and the USA Radio Network. He is credited with breaking the news about the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the worst in American history.

He has the following Doctorates:

Ph.D. in Biblical Studies (University of Biblical Studies & Seminary, 1995)

Education Doctorate (American Bible College & Seminary, 2000)

Counseling Doctorate (American Christian College & Seminary, 2002)

Ph.D. in Apologetics (Trinity College and Theological Seminary, 2012)